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Mela Moore, Exclusive Appearance is a start-up on-line shoe store specializing in high quality glam footwear and accessories for women.  We are an affordable luxury brand that helps individuals find their passion within, so they don’t have to follow the pack, because they transcend it.  Mela’s vision is to revolutionize exclusive individuality into a lifestyle, being Exclusive while creating an Exclusive Appearance!

In 2018, Mela Moore decided to start sketching timeless designs of shoes. After sketching these beautiful designs, she decided she wanted every item produced to be an exclusive show stopper item, that made women feel good and remind them that they can be bold and beautiful while accomplishing their goals. Mela Moore strives to promote self-worth and self-identity. We want our customers to know it is okay to be quirky, outgoing, cool, laid-back, nerdy, punk rocky, etc. As long as you’re true to yourself, you’re creating an Exclusive Appearance because there can only be one YOU! 

Stepping into your purpose is not always easily defined. When you have many ideas and talents and the reality of life all in one, it can sometimes be a little overwhelming and discouraging. Manifesting life into Mela Moore, Exclusive Appearance was a journey, an unexpected journey that led Mela to believe that while walking in her journey and discovering her purpose she might as well do it in the best 4 inch heels she could design.